Our Customers

Our Project become sustainable customer relationships.
Here you can see an excerpt from our customer list.

COFACE ARENA Mainz Stadium

Integrated system solution, General contractor for the low-voltage package

€ 1.8 million
Stuttgart Airport

General contractor for the security-free ancillary buildings

€ 2.1 million
The Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe

Special development of a hazard management system, 34 virtual video airlock system for the high-security areas

€ 1.1 million
ICT Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie, Pfinztal

Special development of hazard management system, safety certificate for classified documents

€ 1.95 million
AREVA Administration headquarters, Erlangen

Direct order for the low-voltage and security systems, implementation of a cross-site hazard management system for all Areva NP locations.

€ 1.6 million
Deutsche Bahn AG Regional Office, Stuttgart

Special development of a hazard management system as specified by Deutsche Bahn

€ 1.55 million
Office buildings and Ambigon shopping mall, Munich

General contractor for the complete low-voltage installation, execution of the complete planning

€ 1.25 million
Verdi Headquarters, Berlin

General contractor for the low-voltage systems, setup of the security systems with the networking of a hazard management system

€ 1.5 million
Euro City Center, West Mannheim

Planning and low-voltage GC, implementation of a hazard management system

€ 1.2 million
Renewal of EnBW central control room, Stuttgart

Jans Sicherheitssysteme has its GVMS 2010 certified for the EnBW network

€ 2.3 million