Home & building automation

Future-proof communication technology for home and building automation

jProducts develops future-proof products and integration solutions. Our vision: »Everyone will be able to manage and control their complete building technology together with their media for communication, information and entertainment simply, through one single display. On-site or on the go.«

jProducts’ main products are the displays and the jProducts Home System which greatly simplifies the control and operation of building automation, telecommunication, entertainment and infotainment throughout the building.

This integration technology is the first of its kind in the world and can be deployed universally. jProducts is positioned as a technology leader in the international market through the innovative connection of solutions that previously were stand-alone.

jProducts Home System is used primarily in private residences, exclusive hotels and cutting-edge companies. jProducts Home System is developed and produced in Germany.

The products are sold around the world through authorised system Integrators who operate as jProducts Certified Partners.

At the heart of the jProducts Home System is a server that manages all the server modules and licences. There is just one server in each building or project that provides the basis for all further jProducts Home System equipment.

The jProducts Home System is built on international software standards and the large range of available interfaces allows you to integrate practically any device and practically any technology. Updates and upgrades can be easily downloaded to the existing jProducts Home System without any additional installation effort. Each customer-specific system can be expanded without any problem and can grow as the demands and wishes of the customer grow.

A multi-functional, mobile and innovative investment highlight. The ready-to-go product is ready-to-use in as little time as it takes to install it. Irrespective of which solution you are planning to use, whether it is the HomePad, an iPhone / iPod Touch or the remote control, you don’t need any user manuals, computer knowledge or similar to be able to start using our jProducts touch displays.

No technology is a stranger to us. The jProducts Home System is so happy to be integrated that practically any technology, irrespective of whether it is hardware or software based can be integrated, if it has a standard interface such as RS232/RS485, infrared, TCP/IP, USB, RS485, ISDN or Bluetooth.

In this way, both individual devices and complex bus systems such as EIB/KNX, LON, Lutron, Powernet, LCN, BACNET, OPC, Domati, ISYGLT and many more can be connected to the jProducts Home System. All devices and services are displayed by jProducts in the jProducts Home System user interface design. A corresponding module takes care of the communication between the jProducts Home System and the connected technology. By concentrating on the most significant functional characteristics, even the most complicated system can be operated comfortably and easily.

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