EnBW, integration of the Esslingen facility

A project to create the new security control centre for EnBW City was born, in order to be able to design all future EnBW premises professionally and securely. Here, a holistic security concept was drawn up and implemented in close collaboration with the EnBW. In addition, the existing security control centre was equipped with the newest and most up-to-date security control room equipment from the Jans Group. As a result, the EnBW can now manage their security-critical buildings and premises in a holistic and integrated way, through a primary building and security management system. The system that was approved for this purpose by the EnBW Group’s IT department is the Jans LYNX GVMS. This will undergo an audit and recertification every two years. The system consists of a central control room with video wall, LED monitors and further display systems with complete redundancy and several clients.

Special feature(s)

Delivery and implementation of a holistic security system.

Project volume

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