Karlsruhe Palace

Building of the Karlsruhe Palace in the Baroque style as a residence for the Margrave Karl Wilhelm von Baden-Durlach was started in 1715. Until 1918, it served as the residence for the Margraves and Grand Dukes of Baden. Today, the building houses the Badisches Landesmuseum and part of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany. The palace was burnt down during the Second World War as the result of a bombing raid in 1944. It was rebuilt as a museum between 1955 and 1966. During this work, only the outer façade of the building was rebuilt in the original style. Modern exhibition rooms were created within the building. The façade of the palace underwent a complete renovation that was finished to mark the City of Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary in 2015.

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Deployment of the latest IP cameras. Implementation in the Jans LYNX NVR video server with LYNX GVMS and DVMS Hazard and video management system

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Staatliches Bauamt Baden-Württemberg

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