Mercedes AMG GmbH

Based on the core values of Mercedes-Benz, values such as quality, safety, comfort and environmental sustainability, Mercedes AMG develops and produces sporting, high-performance vehicles, special equipment and accessories. When it comes to vehicle development, vehicle dynamics, sportiness and individuality are in the forefront of what they do. The result is fascinating automobiles that in terms of dimensions, vehicle dynamics and sporting design occupy pole position in the appropriate Mercedes-Benz range. With our security concept, we placed a lot of emphasis on comprehensive security through the deployment of the latest technologies. Complex systems such as intrusion detection, video, fault monitoring and access control systems with barriers were integrated into a video and alarm management system that manages all the messages from all the subsystems. The result is a highly professional mature solution which reflects the experience that we have built up over years of managing large projects.

Special feature(s)

Concept design, planning and execution of the complete security systems

Project volume

€ 5.500.000,00