Special constructions for the Stuttgart parliament building

The building dating from 1961 has been undergoing a complete renovation both in terms of technology and energy. In addition, the chamber is getting a matt glass ceiling with round openings. Until now, the elected members have not had the benefit of natural light in the chamber. Reports state that the anticipated costs for the building works will be in the area of 52.1 million Euro. The goal is that elected members should be able to resume work in the building at the start of the new legislative period, following the parliamentary elections in 2016. Currently they are holding their sessions in the Art museum in the Schlossplatz in the centre of Stuttgart and the administration is housed in the neighbouring Königin-Olga-Bau.

Special feature(s)

Centralisation of all security equipment in the LYNX Management system

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Staatliches Hochbauamt Stuttgart

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