Building and hazard management


Software for intelligently networked + managed security systems.

With the new LYNX, we give you the tool to interlink your security systems in a simple and hassle-free, smart and centrally managed way. Modular, functional.

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We have the solution for manufacturers and specialized companies in the field of security technology & building automation.

Our software solution docks easily and efficiently to your existing systems. This means you have everything at a glance. Everything in one software. For a better overview.

Hazard management

Everything in one place. With our software for your hazard management.

Whatever the focus, whether it's hazard management, building automation, providing a user interface for different systems or a CCTV control center: LYNX is always the right fit!

LYNX stands for innovative hazard management. Always suitable. Always individual. Always safe.

Comprehensive hazard management is based on information and messages provided by different autonomous security and information systems. The crucial factor for the best possible use of all pieces of information – and thus increased security – is the smart merging of these pieces into a comprehensive overall picture. This enables the user to quickly grasp events and situations and to respond appropriately.

With the experience of thousands of predecessor systems, visionary ideas, current customer requirements and its state-of-the-art technology, LYNX is the new benchmark in hazard management. The multi-server concept meets the highest security requirements as it allows for a redundant system design.

The creators of LYNX used decades of expert knowledge to shape this new, extremely scalable and flexible PSIM system for individual applications.

Keep it simple and safe

LYNX combines current status information in graphics, tables and text with video, audio and image content. Supplemented with information and online data, the result is a comprehensive overall picture supporting the right decisions and responses. Incoming messages are analyzed and the resulting data initiate individually configurable alarms. Alarms are processed according to individual rules and can be interactively controlled by operator input. Events can be tracked from summary notifications down to detailed messages.

Access control

Maximum security. With our system for your access management.

Whether for municipal buildings, banks, hospitals, care facilities, universities or industrial plants: LYNX-Access keeps you on the safe side!

LYNX-Access supports you as an integrated access management system. Because security is always different – and one company is not like another.

LYNX-Access is a comprehensive access control, building and video management system. Every company has its specific requirements, which can also change on an ongoing basis. LYNX-Access forms the foundation of your company-wide security solution. It provides you with a modular standard system that not only maps all necessary processes and management functions, but can also be individually adapted and expanded according to your requirements. At the same time, LYNX-Access offers maximum security and the highest investment protection at all times.

  • Online and offline
  • Unlimited integration capabilities
  • Highest security standards
  • Outstanding real-time display
  • Electronic cylinders and fittings

Benefits and key features

The features and benefits of the LYNX-Access software enable integrated access management in a way that was previously simply impossible.

Generation of alarms.
Via the LYNX-Access process visualization or the LYNX hazard management system, an event (such as an unauthorized access attempt) can trigger an alarm. This in turn triggers measures, such as informing security staff or graphically displaying the alarm location, with a live image overlay and playback of the recorded event.

Integration of third-party systems.
By using a common database or the comprehensive import/export function, an already existing access control system can be easily expanded using LYNX-Access – without the fuss of having to enter, for example, the personnel master data, the existing periphery or access authorizations again.

Online and offline.
It is not always the most economical approach to link all components online right from the start. Electronic lock cylinders and fittings can be used to reliably lock individual doors in an online/offline system, even at a later point in time.

Highest security standards.
Encrypted communication is a must today and should not be missing. With LYNX-Access, all communication is encrypted using the latest standards.

Individual scalability

LYNX-Access is the ideal system both for corporations with many locations and for small and medium-sized companies or even public institutions. With LYNX-Access you get the flexibility you need to built future-proof systems.


Maintain maximum control over your IP video surveillance.

No matter which camera types you have installed, with Luxriot EVO you will manage your CCTV on a whole new level: Stay on top of things with Luxriot Evo!

Luxriot Evo guarantees maximum control over your IP-based CCTV, making your life easier.

Our powerful and smart Luxriot Evo management system supports almost all camera types and thus perfectly adapts to your existing environment.

  • Centralized management
  • Simple licensing concept
  • Very high system scalability
  • Mobile application
  • Video wall support

Add-ons and key features

A wide range of features and add-ons enable video surveillance on a whole new level.

Intuitive and user-friendly
The thoroughly designed user interface allows users to quickly understand and implement the entire configuration process.

A complete ecosystem
The software includes all the basic and professional features that allow you to make the most of your surveillance system – no matter how large and complex your solution may be.

Proven performance
Guaranteed high program stability, based on decades of experience and continuous development.

All in one
With centralized server hierarchy, failover, archive replication and many other enhancements, Luxriot Evo is the program of choice for large-scale solutions.

The benefits

All Luxriot Evo key components work hand in hand to form an up-to-date VMS software solution. When it comes to surveillance, every detail matters – and we make sure you get all the details.

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