Individual product solutions


jProducts develops future-oriented products and integration solutions in the fields of:

  • Building automation  
  • Consumer electronics  
  • Communication technology  
  • Infotainment

Future-oriented communication technology for home & building automation

jProducts develops future-oriented products and integration solutions. Our vision is: “Everyone will be able to easily control and manage the entire technology in the building as well as their communication, information and entertainment media via a single display. On site and on the go.”

The main products of jProducts include displays and the jProducts Home System, a system that makes the control and operation of home automation, telecommunication, entertainment and infotainment in buildings an easy task.

This integration technology is a worldwide novelty and can be used universally. By connecting solutions that have been operated as autonomous, isolated applications in an innovative way, jProducts positions itself as a technology leader in the international market.

The jProducts Home System is primarily used in private homes, exclusive hotels and modern companies. jProducts Home System is developed and manufactured in Germany.

The products are distributed worldwide through authorized system integrators acting as jProducts Certified Partners.

At the heart of the jProducts Home System is a server that manages all server modules and licenses. There is only one server installation in each building or project, serving as the foundation for all other jProducts Home System installations.

The jProducts Home System is based on international software standards, and the large number of available interfaces allows the integration of virtually any device and technology. Updates and upgrades can be downloaded into the existing jProducts Home System without any additional installation effort being required. Each customer-specific system can be easily extended to keep up with the changing needs and wishes of our customers.

The jProducts Home System is a prime investment into a multifunctional and mobile system innovation. The ready-to-go product can be used as quickly as it is installed. No matter what solution you plan to use, whether the HomePad, iPhone / iPod Touch or remote control – you do not need any operating manuals, computer knowledge or similar skills to use our jProducts Touch Displays.

Whatever the technology may be, we can handle it. The jProducts Home System is so integration-friendly that it can integrate almost any technology (hardware or software-based) as long as it has a standard interface, such as RS232 / RS485, infrared, TCP/IP, USB, RS485, ISDN, Bluetooth.

Both single terminal devices and complex bus systems like EIB/KNX, LON, Lutron, Powernet, LCN, BACNET, OPC, Domati, ISYGLT, and many more can be easily connected to the jProducts Home System. All connected devices and services are presented consistently in the design of the jProducts Home System user interface. A corresponding module handles the communication between the jProducts Home System and the connected technology. By focusing on the essential functional features, even the most complicated system can be operated conveniently and in an uncluttered manner.

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