Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart consists of three buildings that reflect different notions of the function of museum architecture. The oldest part, now referred to as the Alte Staatsgalerie, was opened in 1843 as the city's museum of visual arts. The architect was Gottlob Georg von Barth, a senior advisor on building and construction in the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Württemberg. In addition to art collections, the classicistic, three-wing building was also home to the Royal Art Academy. In the period from 1881 to 1888, the building was enlarged with two rear wings in accordance with plans drawn up by Albert von Bok.

Upgrade and expansion of the security system with Jans Sicherheitstechnik.
Delivery of a holistic security solution based on the LYNX GVMS.
Special feature(s)
New IP video system and IP image archiving technology with implementation in the LYNX Hazard management system.
Project volume
€ 1.450.000,00
State Department of Construction and Civil Engineering, Stuttgart and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Project end

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