Transnet BW Wendlingen

Transnet BW

TransnetBW operates the power grid in Baden-Württemberg. There are about 3,300 kilometres of high-voltage cables. Over 80 transformer-stations connect it with the regional distribution networks. At the borders of the region, it is connected directly to the German national grid and the grids of France, Austria and Switzerland. TransnetBW provides access to the transmission grid to all market participants on transparent, non-discriminatory terms and guarantees a reliable power supply around the clock. They continuously manage and monitor energy flows across the network, and are responsible for maintaining and expanding the grid Their customers and partners include power plant operators, distribution system operators and several hundred electricity traders. In order to keep up with the growth, TransnetBW is establishing a new headquarters with a data centre in Wendlingen.

The planning and project management of all security systems in the new build at Wendlingen.
Delivery of all the security equipment and hazard management system to create a security management system with high availability and full redundancy.
Special feature(s)
Implementation of all the security systems and low-voltage equipment together with the complementary building management systems.
Project volume
€ 1.600.000,00
Transnet BW
Project end

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